EDGE DPUB is a digital-only publishing company based in London. The company strives to be at the cutting edge of technology and to endorse the creation of new works by implementing an Open Source Archive. EDGE DPUB is a side project of my PhD research study. The sections Sample works and Articles are a result of this practice-based research.

Within 6 months, EDGE DPUB has turned into a fully operative publishing company. In the section Services I have listed the different editorial works that I offer to my customers.

EDGE DPUB is also a platform for authors and designers who would like to publish their work or learn about digital publishing. Collaboration proposals can be sent to: info@edgedpub.com

The company’s logo depicts an open book symbolized by two brackets which refer to the practice of coding used in the creation of enhanced e-books and the audiovisual effects that appear on the User Interface.

About me

I am a self-taught digital publisher having acquired the skills of editing and publishing through online courses and webinars. In 2013, I graduated from University of Zürich with a master thesis about electronic literature and have been collaborating in various projects in the field ever since. In 2015, I took my first course in creation of enhanced e-books and decided during these two days that I would become digital publisher. In 2018, I moved to London to undertake a PhD study on the aesthetics of enhanced e-books and in 2020, I founded EDGE DPUB.

Almost everything in and about my life rotates around languages. I was born and raised in the city of Zürich (CH) where I attended Swiss obligatory schools. Italian and German are my mother tongues and I started learning French and English at the age of 10. Later, I kept on studying languages at the Foreign Languages High School and at University where I applied this knowledge in the study of literature and linguistics.

I have always had a multidisciplinary approach to science, and languages have helped me appreciating foreign cultures. I also understand electronic literature as a means to study other disciplines that are related to literature and informatics, such as digital art, electronic music and digital publishing.

My work as digital publisher aims at the application of the theories developed in the field of electronic literature in the publishing industry through digital devices that are based on web technology. On my blog Electronic Literature Review I have published several interviews with scholars and authors of electronic literature.